Rendr Privacy Policy

Effective as of June 15 2017


Thanks for choosing Rendr. This is our Privacy Policy. Before getting into the details, we’d like to highlight some of the key principles behind it. These principles are important to us because we know they’re important to you.

The Privacy Policy is here to do three things:

  1. Explain the way we use information that you share with us in order to build a great product and give you a great experience with it;
  2. Ensure that you understand what information we collect with your permission, and what we do - and do not do - with it;
  3. Hold us accountable for protecting your rights and your privacy under this policy. All the information we collect is related to providing the Rendr Service and its features.
All the information we collect is related to providing the Rendr service and its features.

Broadly speaking, there are two categories of information we collect: 1) information that we must have in order for you to use Rendr; and 2) information that we can use to provide additional features and improved experiences if you choose to share that information.
The first category includes:

  • Registration information, including your name, address, email, company name, company address, company email and other information you provide when you sign up for Rendr.
  • Technical information necessary to operate Rendr. This includes the type of browser and device you use (any other information collected by Google Analytics), so we can improve the Service.
The second category includes information that enables us to offer you additional features. We never receive any of the following information unless you expressly choose to share it with us. It’s as simple as that. Here are some examples:
  • Your specific location: We will never gather or use your specific device location without first getting your explicit permission. This information enables your entity to keep track of where the information was gathered.
  • Your photos: We will only access images that you specifically choose, and we will never scan or import your photo library or camera roll. This will allow you to include photos as part of the information gathering process as required by your entity.

The distinction between these two categories is important. Information in the first category is information you must provide in order to use Rendr. When you agree to our Privacy Policy, you give us the right to collect this information and use it for the purposes described. Information in the second category is information we will only collect if you explicitly give us permission to do so in the future. For this second category of information, we will ask for your permission before first accessing it, we will describe how we will use it if you give us permission, we will only use the information for the purpose we described, and you will always have the ability to change your mind and revoke that permission. Acceptance of our Privacy Policy does not mean you have granted us permission to access or use information in the second category; we’re just explaining to you that one day we might ask you for that permission.

We will be clear with you about how and when we might share information.

We hope this helps you to understand our privacy commitments to you. Now, the details await you below, but please remember that this Introduction is part of the Privacy Policy itself - it’s our promise to you. If you ever have any questions or concerns, then please let us know at

Throughout this Privacy Policy we refer to the Rendr Service or the Service. These terms are defined in our Terms and Conditions of Use (the “Terms and Conditions of Use”).

Key Highlights of What You are Consenting to

By using or interacting with the Service, you are consenting to:

  1. the use of cookies and other technologies;
  2. the transfer of your information outside of the country where you live;

When you use the Service, we will collect device's current location (if you choose to or by company rule) to log where information was gathered. The use of cookies is strictly limited to session tokens and Google Analytics. In each case, you consent to the processing of data by the entities described in this Privacy Policy, including the BuildStable entity, as data controller, indicated at the bottom of this document (collectively, “BuildStable”, “we”, “us”, “our”). If you don't agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy, then please don't use the Service.

The Information we Collect
Registration data

When you sign up for the Service, we may collect information, such as username, password, email, phone number, company name, company email and company phone number to keep track of the Service's clients and to provide access to the Service.

Usage, log data & cookies

When you use the Service, we will collect device's current location (if you choose to or by company rule) to log where information was gathered. The use of cookies is strictly limited to session tokens and Google Analytics.

Your mobile device

The Service relies on the use of devices to gather information. The service will collect current location (if you choose to), and photos and documents that you choose to gather as part of the Service process.

Payment data

When you sign up for a paid subscription to the Service, some financial data that we need to process your subscription payment is collected and stored by invoicing service provider. We may store limited information, such as invoice and receipt of the payment transaction. Invoicing service provider may need to collect and transfer additional information such as your name and email for invoicing and payment processes. The use of your data by the invoicing service provider is subject to their terms and privacy policies.

How we Use the Information we Collect

The information collected through the Service is stored only to be accessible for retrieval by the corresponding owner. Collected information is never shared with third parties unless applicable by law.


The Service uses encryption to keep the information secure.

Sharing Information

Information owned by clients of the Service is not shared with Third Parties and is only stored to make it accessible to the client when needed most.

Privacy Policy Changes

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time. We will inform you through the Service or email of the changes. The use of the service after the changes are effective contitutes your acceptance.